“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”
                                                         -Joseph Campbell

As you travel along life’s winding path, there can be times when you find yourself in the forest at a crossroads, a dead end, or in unfamiliar territory void of direction. Feelings of confusion, uncertainty, even paralysis may arise. Experiences of anxiety and depression may cause outbursts in your relationships or work environment. Unhealthy behaviors may become problematic. Questions may cross your mind: Which way should I go? What steps do I take? What do I really want? What happens if I take the wrong path? Why do I feel so terrible? Often, the answer lies deep within you but the noises in your mind are silencing that quiet clear voice. Finding a wise guide, someone who knows the landscape you’re in, who can help you connect with that inner voice is the only way out of the forest and into the clearing.

Emotional suffering can manifest in a variety of ways: dysfunctional relationships, physical symptoms with no medical explanation, addictions and eating disorders, depression, anxiety, isolation, and feeling overwhelmed. Psychotherapy can provide a safe and nurturing environment to look squarely at the challenges in front of you, to regain trust in yourself and to feel alive and confident.These changes can include finding your personal vision, gaining awareness about unhealthy patterns and unsatisfying relationships while seeking a deeper and more authentic relationship with yourself.

Ancient wisdom tells us that the way to your life’s purpose lies deep inside you. At these difficult moments, psychotherapy, and working with your dreams, is designed to guide and support you in the process of psychological growth. The path can lead to self-knowledge, healthier relationships and behaviors, emotional growth, and creative expression.